This site was created mainly as a reference point for general information about the 1st generation Ford Probe(1989-92).  Unfortunately, the Probe isn't the pride and joy of Ford like the Mustang is(oddly enough, the Probe was originally slated to replace the outdated Fox platform which the Mustang had been preduced on since 1979).  The Probe was introduced to the automotive world in the middle of 1988 as a 1989 model.  In 1993, a restyled Probe was released.  Ford advertised the Probe less and less(it was the 1993 Motor Trend Car of the Year) and sales began to decline.  A 3rd generation Probe was to have been released in 1999, but politics intervened and the car was released as the Mercury Cougar instead.  The last Probe rolled off the assembly line in June of 1997.

Another point that often goes unnoticed is that the heart of the Probe is actually a Mazda.  The chassis, suspension, and transmission are nearly identical to those used in the Mazda MX-6/626 of the same years.  Engines were also manufactured by Mazda, except for the 3.0L engine in the 1990-92 Probe LX.

The end result of all this is that you have a relatively reliable platform, thanks to Mazda, and a less than admirable resale value because it is a Ford.  The Probe was actually one of the few Fords to be recommended by Consumer Reports as a good used car buy. 

  So just because Ford is no longer producing the Probe does not mean that it is fading into non-existence, yet.  In fact, there are many active clubs throughout the US that hold meets several times a year.  There are also several large "summits" which attract large numbers of owners.  These meets are always open to any Probe/MX-6/626 owners. 

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